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Our mechanics extensive experience troubleshooting airframe and engine problems, installing upgrades and performing modifications. We are highly experienced with a wide variety of piston aircraft including, but not limited to:


At Northwest Aircraft Maintenance annual inspections are performed by an experienced Authorized Inspector following a thorough and comprehensive checklist, which includes:


RUN UP:  A complete 38-point run up checklist before and after the inspection.


INSPECTION:  A 190-point inspection checklist including tachometer calibration check, opening and closing the aircraft, compression check, complete inspection of the engine, engine compartment, the airframe and the propeller.  It also includes control surface travel checks, cable tension checks, magneto timing checks, cooling baffle inspection, fuel system inspection and landing gear retraction checks.  We will compile a list of currently installed engine, propeller and accessories.  We check the status of AD notes on the airframe, engine, propeller and accessories.  We will compile a list of time in service for the aircraft, engine and propeller, and time since overhaul or repair on key accessories.


SERVICING:  A 40-point servicing and lubrication check list including lubrication, wheel bearing inspection, cleaning, gapping, testing and rotating of spark plugs, oil change labor (if due) and oil filter cut and inspect, inspecting and cleaning all fuel screens, draining the carburetor bowl, checking brake and hydraulic fluid levels, checking function of all inside and outside lights, tire and oleo inflation, battery recharge and test, ELT function and corrosion check.  We will also clean the belly, vacuum the interior and clean the windows.


ESTIMATE & REPAIRS:  We will provide an estimate for any needed repairs and break it down into airworthiness items, recommended items and items that need to be watched for future attention.



Before you (and the bank) bond with an aircraft, consider an inspection by an experienced and thorough aviation inspector − the kind of quality aircraft inspection performed at Northwest Aircraft Maintenance.  It will only confirm your good judgment and make your fixed wing aircraft buying experience a positive one.


Buying a personal plane is a little like buying a house. Many planes are nearly as expensive as houses and the buying experience can be just as emotional. Realtors say that when a prospective buyer starts stroking the wood of the stair banister or the kitchen cabinets they are bonding with the house. The aviation equivalent must be to stroke the control wheel or the rich vinyl upholstery and visualize showing this freshly painted beauty to a very impressed friend. We suggest that you show it to an experienced but cold-hearted and skeptical mechanic before bonding with the “leather seats” and “low hours.”

We specialize in Piper Mirage and Malibu services. Call today!
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