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About Us

An aviation enthusiast since childhood, Dirk Wittig obtained his airframe and powerplant rating at age 19 and has been performing aircraft maintenance, repair and modifications for 42 years. In 1991 he founded Northwest Aircraft Maintenance in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Though determined to maintain a small and personal shop Dirk has seen a steady growth in business over the years, having earned a reputation for integrity and quality service.


The NWAM team includes two Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics with Inspection Authorizations and an experienced apprentice skilled in aircraft inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting. We also install instrument upgrades, engine analyzers and most STC'd aircraft modifications. We are highly experienced with a wide variety of piston aircraft including mainstays such as Cessna, Piper, Beech and Mooney as well as Lancair, Stinson, and Maule aircraft.

In 2020, Dirk retired and passed the reins to Rian Keller. Rian has been part of the NWAM team for 18 years and looks forward to continuing the stellar work that has made Northwest Aircraft Maintenance the go-to shop for aircraft owners in the area. 

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